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What is Construction?

What is Construction?

Construction, building, the whole of Construction Works, is the area where construction works are done. Construction is a word of Arabic origin. (Construction : building works, building)

Construction, building, highway, railway, highway, airport, dock, port, shipyard, bridge, tunnel, subway, viaduct, sports facility, infrastructure, pipe transmission line, communication and energy transmission line, dam, power plant, refinery facility, All kinds of construction works such as irrigation facility, soil improvement, flood protection and stripping and related construction works such as installation, manufacturing, preparation, transportation, completion, major repair, restoration, landscaping, drilling, demolition, reinforcement and assembly works and similar construction works. it will.” as defined in the Public Procurement Law. Constructions are done by contractor companies. Urban transformation constructions have become popular in recent years.

Construction Importance in Social Life

Constructions are of absolute importance for human life. Since the early ages, the continuity and growth of societies has been ensured thanks to the constructions made for housing, urbanization, infrastructure, transportation, fighting against nature, and energy production. All people are interested in owning or building a house at some point in their lives.

Construction Industry

When the construction industry is mentioned, many business lines and business disciplines come to mind. The construction sector, which is called the locomotive sector for the country’s economy, is extremely important in terms of workforce and foreign currency resources.

Constructions are places where various resources, knowledge and experience are blended, such as machinery, equipment, projects, financing, labor, materials, management skills, construction knowledge, measurement and control, architecture, engineering, contract management.

Construction Companies

Every year, Turkish construction companies are at the top of the list of foreign contractors and achieve various successes. Firms and contracting firms engaged in renovation and decoration works are also construction firms.

Construction Jobs

Various specialists, especially civil engineers, work in construction companies. Construction companies support employment with construction job postings.

Construction Masters

Constructions are unthinkable without site crews and builders. The workers of the sector are construction masters. Construction sites are craft centers for craftsmen. Construction mastery requires labor and dexterity. There are stages of apprenticeship, journeyman and mastery. It is difficult to find a qualified builder, and there are different branches of construction mastery. Builders find jobs through job postings.

What is Construction?

Each construction includes permit, project, license, offer, contract, mobilization, material selection, construction, demobilization, delivery, and boq processes.No construction can be done without a building permit.

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