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Real Estate


Mensa Lupi

With the implementation of Turkey's Foreign Property Law, investing in real estate in Turkey has become highly favorable, particularly for foreign investors. Turkey offers a multitude of opportunities for real estate investments, but it is crucial to be well-informed about these prospects and thoroughly assess the chosen investment location.

Real Estate Management

At Mensa Lupi, our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the utmost service and support for your real estate investments. We understand the significance of making informed decisions and strive to assist you in identifying the best opportunities available. Whether it's conducting thorough market research or offering expert guidance, our entire team is at your disposal to ensure you receive top-notch service throughout your real estate investment journey.

Under the umbrella of real estate management, Mensa Lupi offers a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to your needs. Our services encompass the following:

1. Sector and Field Research: We initiate our partnership by engaging in meetings with you, where we thoroughly understand your requirements and budget. Based on this information, we conduct extensive research within the real estate sector and specific fields to identify suitable investment opportunities.

2. Investment Consultation: Using graphics and expert insights, we provide consultation on the viability of your investment options, whether it involves purchasing real estate or opting for the build-operate-sell system. We present visual representations and expert analysis to guide your decision-making process.

3. Real Estate Portfolio Management: If the decision is made to purchase real estate, we curate a tailored portfolio of suitable properties that align with your investment goals. We handle the management and facilitation of the purchase transactions, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Alternatively, if the build-operate-sell system is chosen, we assist in identifying appropriate land and oversee the procurement process.

4. Sales and Leasing Management: Upon the acquisition of real estate, we take responsibility for managing the sale or leasing of the property. Our experienced team employs effective strategies to attract potential buyers or tenants and ensure favorable outcomes.

5. Turnkey Project Implementation: In the case of land purchase, we assume the responsibility of creating, presenting, and securing acceptance for architectural and construction proposals related to the envisioned project. Our team oversees the implementation of the turnkey project, ensuring seamless execution from start to finish. At Mensa Lupi, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and expert services to manage every aspect of your real estate ventures.