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Real Estate


Real Estate Consultant

Mensa Lupi offers a comprehensive research-based local consultancy service to investors who want to reside or buy real estate for investment purposes in the UK, Italy or Turkey.

It achieves the most effective results by combining its expertise in the real estate market with solution opportunities for individual demands.

Real estate consultant

It is the professional title given to people who carry out transactions such as buying, selling and renting villas, residences, land and similar properties within the framework of certain rules. It serves potential customers or new customers by creating its own portfolio.

real estate consultancy
real estate consultancy
real estate consultancy

What is the Duty of a Real Estate Consultany?

Real estate consultant are professionals who are the biggest supporters of investors. They can work in real estate sales offices and project offices. While presenting their portfolios to investors in sales offices; in the project offices, they assist in the sales of the projects in the construction companies they serve. If we consider the main duties of a real estate consultancy;

  • To determine the economic situation of the customers
  • To offer options to customers in accordance with their economic situation
  • Ensuring that customers who are suitable for the economic situation own property
  • Enabling customers to rent property
  • ┬áconstant communication with customers
  • follow the developments and changes in this field
  • Making house promotions to customers who want to buy or rent a house
  • Informing and guiding customers and advising them in the real estate sector
  • Implementing a good marketing strategy to customers.
  • To be responsible for information sharing in all financial affairs such as finance and credit.
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Provides real estate consultancy Purchase Support

It helps those who want to buy real estate to find a real estate in line with the determined needs by facilitating the process. It enables the buyer and seller parties to meet for the sale of real estate. It provides detailed images and information for real estate, allowing you to quickly decide what to buy in a collective portfolio instead of going one by one.

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Provides Information on Official Transactions

Provides you with professional support in the official procedures you may encounter during the purchase and sale of real estate. As professionals, they are knowledgeable and guide you about regulations and government processes.

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Offers Investment real estate consultancy

They are good supervisors for real estate investors. They research the areas to invest and guide you about the amortization period of the real estate or the interest rates for the loan you will take. They support you to make a profit by directing you for investment at the right time and location.

Real estate consultany

Advantages Of A Good Real Estate Consultancy

  1. The Real Estate Consultancy is someone you will deliver the entire process from start to finish.
  2. It helps you to become conscious by providing you with market reports.
  3. A good real estate consultant will inform you about making the most appropriate investment.
  4. It offers you various alternatives and allows you to choose one of them.
  5. Since it knows the market well, it determines the appropriate price.
  6. Its purpose is to make purchases, not sales.
  7. It saves you time.
  8. Since they are in constant cooperation with banks, they support you in getting loans.
  9. It helps you in the land registry procedures.
  10. It examines all risky points of the property and takes measures against future problems.
  11. It prevents mistakes by following the legal procedures from the beginning to the end of the purchasing process.
  12. Acting as a map for international real estate investors, they provide detailed information about the real estate and its surroundings and support all official transactions.

What are Real Estate Consulting Service and Real Estate Consultancy?

Real Estate Consulting Service; It deals with the financing transactions needed for real estate consultancy for purchase, sale, rental or real estate. Real Estate Consultants; It determines the value of these transactions for sales, investment, mortgage or loan transactions and guides you in a positive way to always help you make a decision. When it comes to real estate, a real estate consultant is needed in purchase, sale, rental transactions or in cases where there is a lack of financing needed for real estate.



Why Do You Need Real Estate Consultancy Service?

Our company, MensaLupi, offers you professional support and solution partnership in Real Estate Consultancy with its high commercial potential and significant business volume. Our real estate consultants, who have technical procedures and equipment in their field, collect and analyze relevant data to identify real estate market trends. While performing these analyses, Real Estate Consultants always take into account the market conditions and trends and present them to you. Real estate consultants ensure that the right decisions are taken together with you, the investors. In this way, you will complete the suitable real estate investment with the right decision. Real estate consultancy services consist of people who know all the necessary legislation and have information about administrative procedures.

Real Estate Consultancy

Job Description of Real Estate Consultant?

Real estate consultant collects portfolio for sale and rental

Sets the salable and rentable price

Makes marketing studies to find buyers and tenants for the portfolios it collects.

Manages the bargaining process between buyer and seller on properties for sale

Manages the bargaining process between tenant and landlord in rental properties

Organizes the title deed transfer transactions of the sold property

Prepares the lease of the leased property

Develops himself/herself by participating in vocational trainings

Makes promotions that will create his personal brand in order to get more recognition and more portfolio.

How do you know that you have met a successful Real Estate Consultant?

Must know the industry

Should know the market

Must specialize in a particular area or subject

Should be professional

Should be good in time management

Must be enterprising

Must be able to listen and ask questions

Must create a sharing network

Must be familiar with modern marketing methods

Must be open to personal growth