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Tractor Factory​


In this ambitious industrial structure project located in Yozgat, a city near the capital Ankara, our goal is to create a cutting-edge facility spanning approximately 100,000 square meters, dedicated to tractor production.

The design of this industrial structure is carefully crafted to ensure efficient and seamless operations. We pay meticulous attention to the layout, flow, and spatial organization to optimize productivity and functionality.

Our approach embraces the industrial aesthetic, where rugged and robust design elements harmonize with functionality. We incorporate durable materials and efficient systems that can withstand the demands of tractor production while ensuring the safety and well-being of the workforce.


Yozgat OSB / Turkey

Project Type

Industrial Building


In this project our main purpose is to create large openings that align with the functional requirements of the facility. During the project planning process, we carefully analyze the workflow and operational needs to strategically position these openings, ensuring efficient movement of materials and machinery.

Apart from the primary production areas, we include various supporting spaces in the layout to enhance the overall functionality and well-being of the workers. These supporting areas may include dedicated dressing rooms for employees, providing a comfortable and organized space for them to change and store their belongings.

Furthermore, we incorporate dining areas to offer a convenient and communal space for workers to enjoy their meals and breaks, fostering a positive work environment.

Throughout the project, we prioritize safety and ergonomics, ensuring that the layout promotes a smooth and hazard-free working environment for the employees.


In developing the concept for this project, our primary focus is to design a functional space that optimizes efficiency and productivity for the employees. We carefully analyze the workflow and operational needs, ensuring that the layout promotes seamless movement and ease of work.

The design of the space revolves around creating a modern working environment that aligns with contemporary trends and fosters a sense of innovation. We prioritize open and collaborative spaces, encouraging communication and teamwork among employees.

Efficient and ergonomic workstations are integrated into the layout, providing employees with comfortable and practical spaces to carry out their tasks effectively.

We pay close attention to the arrangement of equipment, machinery, and materials, ensuring that they are strategically positioned to facilitate a smooth production process.