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Our school construction project is located in a prominent location in Istanbul, where architecture seamlessly merges with lush green surroundings. This remarkable project incorporates a multitude of functions within its premises, featuring a combination of closed, semi-open, and open areas.

What sets this project apart is its innovative design, which offers a fresh perspective on the traditional concept of a school. We have taken great care to create a structure that goes beyond conventional expectations, providing a unique and inspiring environment for students and staff alike.

The school encompasses a variety of spaces, each carefully designed to foster a conducive learning environment. From classrooms and laboratories to communal areas and recreational spaces, the project aims to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Beykoz / İstanbul

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The general planning concept of the project is focused on creating a hierarchical plan that facilitates easy access from interior spaces to open areas. With a thoughtful approach to the overall layout, we aim to enhance the movement and flow within the school environment.

In designing the general plan, we have taken into consideration the needs of children and their ease of transportation. The project incorporates numerous neighborhoods that are meticulously designed to be accessible spaces, ensuring smooth and safe movement for students throughout the school premises.

By creating a well-connected network of accessible places, we provide a seamless transition from classrooms to open spaces, such as playgrounds or recreational areas. This accessibility not only promotes physical activity and exploration but also enhances the overall experience for students, creating a welcoming and engaging learning environment.

The design of the project takes into account the importance of safe and efficient movement within the school, ensuring that children can navigate the spaces with ease. By incorporating this accessible neighborhood concept, we aim to foster a sense of community and connectivity while prioritizing the well-being and convenience of students.


In our educational structure project, the main concept is centered around the location and the opportunities it presents. The project area itself provides a captivating environment that inspired our design choices. From a site plan perspective, the prominent features include the notable slope and the lush green texture surrounding the area.

We have incorporated the natural landscape into our design by integrating the building harmoniously with the project area. This cohesive approach has allowed us to incorporate numerous functions within the open space. By embracing the surrounding nature, we have created a design that seamlessly blends with the environment.

The open space design takes advantage of the intertwining with nature, offering inviting sitting areas and various hobby gardens. We have embraced the slope of the area as a valuable opportunity, incorporating it into the open space design. This adds an interesting element to the landscape and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Our commitment to creating a design that embraces the location and utilizes the natural landscape has resulted in a project that not only provides educational facilities but also offers a delightful environment for students to connect with nature. By blending the built structure with the surrounding greenery, we have created a space that encourages exploration, engagement, and a sense of serenity.