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Mongolia Misheel Restaurant



In this restaurant project located in Mongolia, the challenging climate presents a unique opportunity to create a dining experience that welcomes guests in all seasons. One of our main approaches for this two-floor project is to design and implement unique and functional structures that cater to the diverse weather conditions.

To ensure a comfortable and inviting atmosphere year-round, we carefully consider the use of materials and architectural elements that can withstand the harsh weather. This includes incorporating well-insulated walls, efficient heating systems, and well-placed windows to maximize natural light and ventilation.


Ulanbaatar / Mongolia

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Misheel Restaurant is a captivating dining destination, comprising two floors with a remarkable rooftop space. The rooftop is adorned with a unique steel structure that enhances its versatility. During warm seasons, the structure can be folded, allowing the space to be fully utilized, making it an inviting retreat in every season.

To optimize the rooftop space, the ceiling is thoughtfully designed to create distinct areas, providing functional divisions that enhance the overall efficiency of the space. This enables guests to enjoy a variety of dining experiences within the serene atmosphere of the rooftop.

In crafting this unique ambiance, we carefully selected materials that contribute to the restaurant's tranquil atmosphere. Dark-toned natural wood, marble, and stone are thoughtfully incorporated, providing a harmonious blend of textures that evokes a sense of serenity and sophistication.

The choice of materials also adds to the restaurant's elegance, creating a warm and inviting environment for diners to savor their culinary journey. The thoughtful combination of steel, wood, marble, and stone contributes to an ambiance that is both stylish and serene.


In this project, our aim was to achieve a modern and luxurious design while still preserving the cultural and traditional style. To achieve this delicate balance, we carefully selected colors that hold significant meanings and represent different elements in Taijitu thought, adding depth and symbolism to each area.

The design draws inspiration from traditional Mongolian structures, particularly the iconic "Yurt," which was historically used as a dwelling place. The form of the structures is influenced by the elegant curves and organic shapes found in Yurts, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Incorporating elements from Mongolian culture, we create a unique ambiance that resonates with the rich heritage of the region. The interior spaces showcase a modern and luxurious aesthetic, while still retaining authentic cultural touches that celebrate Mongolian traditions.

Throughout the project, we pay close attention to the meaningful use of colors, carefully selected materials, and traditional design elements. The result is a captivating and sophisticated environment that artfully combines modern luxury with the spirit of Mongolian heritage.




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