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investment advisor

What is an Investment Advisor and who is it called?

investment advisor; It is the professional title given to the person who provides investment consultancy services to companies or individuals, gives written or verbal advice, and makes investment analysis in order to make profit and loss analysis of capital market instruments.

What does an Investment Advisor do? What are their duties?

The main duties of the investment advisor, who has responsibilities such as identifying risk-free and high-return potential investment instruments for investors, are as follows;

  1. To examine the capital market instruments and the institutions that issue these instruments,
  2. To ensure that investors adhere to legal regulations and administrative procedures,
  3. Analyzing the customer’s investment expectations and risk limits,
  4. To dominate the market in order to successfully conclude the consultancy,
  5. Informing and guiding investors about capital market instruments,
  6. Enabling customers to choose investment instruments suitable for their assets and budgets,
  7. Identifying existing customers and communicating with them,
  8. Earning commission to the workplace,
  9. To follow the investment tools and to observe the current changes in order to determine an effective working method,
  10. To carry out studies to increase the customer potential, to receive training in the field of investment.


investment advisor
investment advisor


What should Investment Advisor salaries be like?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Investment Advisor profession is “How much is the Investment Advisor salary?” is the answer to the question. Investment Advisor salaries in 2022 vary between private and public. Investment Advisor salaries vary, especially in the private sector. Of course, for such an important profession, it is necessary to win the employee in order to gain loyalty. Investment Advisor salary ranges from the lowest to the highest in market investigation. No salary information is binding for this sector. The figures to be earned on the basis of the sector and the company or the service provided will vary considerably.

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