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Construction Stages of a Building​

Construction Stages of a Building

We constantly see buildings around us, or we look at the buildings we live in and wonder how they were built. In this series of articles, we will briefly tell you the main parts that are passed through in the construction of a building.

Part One: Before Construction

1 – Examination of the land, learning the zoning status information from the municipality

2 – Preparation of preliminary projects

3 – Making a book of accounts, determining profit targets

4 – Purchasing the land or making a construction contract in return for flat at the notary public

5 – Application for demolition license

6 – Making ground survey

7 – Preparation of the architectural project

8 – Preparation of the static project

9 – Preparation of necessary documents such as electrical project, machine project, map file.

10 – Making a building permit application to the municipality

Contract documents

  • Building inspection contract
  • Construction manager contract
  • Contracts and powers of attorney between the contractor and the owner


  • Approved architectural project
  • Approved static project and scaffolding project
  • Approved plumbing, heating installation and elevator project
  • Approved electrical project
  • Certified map file
  • Approved ground survey and ground improvement project if needed


  • Contract of construction supervisor and room registration certificate
  • Architectural project author’s undertaking
  • Static project author’s undertaking
  • Mechanical project author’s undertaking
  • Electrical project designer’s undertaking
  • Map project author’s undertaking
  • geological engineer contract

Original Documents

  • Zoning status document (Diameter)
  • Land registry and deed registration
  • Tax sheet of the contractor company
  • Signature circular of the contractor firm
  • Copy of the contractor’s registry
  • Building permit application letter
  • SSI form to be taken from the building inspection
  • If the building has been demolished by urban transformation, 10% letter of guarantee

Amounts and fees to be paid to obtain a building permit

  • Building inspection fee
  • Channel elevation and sewerage technical infrastructure mortars
  • New building construction fee
  • Project draft fee
  • Ground clearance fee
  • On-site inspection fee
  • parking fee
  • Pavement and asphalt fee

11 – Opening the insurance workplace file

Part Two: Mobilization and Demolition

12 – Site installation and final preparations

13 – Building demolition

Part Three: Construction Stages of a Building

14 – Soil improvement works

15 – Excavations

16 – Lean concrete pouring

17 – Foundation insulation – Manufacture of P3000

18 – Pouring protection concrete

19 – Laying the foundation – manufacture of raft foundations

20 – Disposal of floor concrete

21 – Establishment of occupational safety nets

22 – Roofing

23 – Brickwork

24 – First group installation works

25 – Installation of blind boxes

26 – Plaster, satin plaster works

27 – Sheathing

28 – Painting the exterior

29 – Laying of underfloor heating pipes

Milestone One: Screeding

30 – Screeding

31 – Painting the interior

32 – Ceramic coating

33 – Completion of Aluminum Composite Facade Works

34 – PVC Window Works

Second Milestone: Laminate Flooring

35 – Laminate Flooring Works

36 – Assembly of Kitchen Cabinets

37 – Installation of Doors

38 – Marble Coating

39 – Assembly works

40 – Receipt of Settlement

The general meaning of a building construction and the construction stages are as follows. Now we know how processes work when we look around us.

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